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Available now! This ONLINE class is for those that are about to receive or just got their Georgia Used Auto Dealer License. BONUS! Receive Auto Auction Training Course at no additional charge. Lunch Provided. We have taken everything that you need to know to get your Dealership/Broker up and running as fast as possible and put it in this seminar. Topics Include: *ETR *Dealer Management Systems *Taxes *Dealer Tags *Setting up your office and record keeping *How Should I set up my lot *Sales Tax Reporting *LLC, Business License and Dealer License Renewals *How do I set up with an ETR company and getting TOPS *Deal Jackets,and what you should keep inside each *Who is GIADA *Buy Here/Pay Here * Vehicle Tracking Systems *Outside Financing for challenged credit customers *Various forms of financing-banks and credit unions *Advertising-False Advertising/Where and how to advertise *Creating a simple Dealer Website *Setting up an account with a floorplan *How to set up auction credentials and attend any auction *What is an outside warranty company and how do I offer to my customers. *Obtaining information about your vehicles you are interested in buying *Ethics in Business More information covered that is not listed. Questions? Everything all in one course! You cannot afford to not take this course.


  • Lecture 1New Ultimate Used Auto Dealer Training Course
  • Lecture 2What is a Buyers Order
  • Lecture 3Outside Financing Sources For Credit Challenged Customers
  • Lecture 4Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Lecture 53 Day Right of Rescission
  • Lecture 6Setting up a simple Website
  • Lecture 7Setting Up a Floor Plan
  • Lecture 8Auto Auction Access
  • Lecture 9Outside Warranties
  • Lecture 10Advertising
  • Lecture 11Buy Here Pay Here
  • Lecture 12Buying Cars I am interested in
  • Lecture 13Changing Name Business LLC
  • Lecture 14Deal Jackets
  • Lecture 15Obtaining Dealer Tags and Proper Use
  • Lecture 16Ethics
  • Lecture 17ETR DDI
  • Lecture 18How do I set up my car lot (Published)
  • Lecture 19Insurance and Bonding
  • Lecture 20LLC Business Renewal
  • Lecture 21Sales Tax Reporting
  • Lecture 22Set Up My Office
  • Lecture 23Traditional Lending Sources
  • Lecture 24Wholesale Vehicles
  • Lecture 25Obtaining Dealer Tags-2
  • Lecture 26Wayne Reaves Training Portal


Georgia Dealer License

Georgia Dealers Licenses are regulated  by the Georgia Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers in Macon, Georgia.


Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License Steps

Prior to opening a Georgia used car dealership, you must obtain a Georgia Dealers License. The first step in obtaining a Georgia Dealers License is to request a Georgia Used Motor Vehicle License application from the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Division. You may call 478-207-1460 to request an application. Ensure ALL items are included in the license packet or the State of Georgia WILL return you dealer license application. You must have your license application signed and notarized by a registered notary.

Fingerprinting Background Check

You must pass a fingerprinting criminal background check before you are granted a Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License. The State of Georgia wants to ensure they are not granting a dealer license to anyone with a known criminal background, such as stealing a car or embezzling money from an employer. You can begin your Georgia background check by visiting www.ga.cogentid.com to find an approved fingerprinting service. You may also call them at 1-888-439-2512. Be sure to include any paperwork you are provided in the packet you send to the Georgia State Board of Registration of Used Motor Vehicle dealers.

Dealer Surety Bond

The State of Georgia requires you obtain a Georgia dealer surety bond in the amount of $35,000 before you can obtain a Georgia Dealer license. You may obtain a dealer surety bond from most insurance agents or a bonding company. Your dealer surety bond will be dependent on your credit score. If you have good credit, a $35,000 dealer surety bond will cost about $250.00 per year and will have to be renewed every year. If you have a couple of blemishes on your credit score, the surety bond you obtain before being granted a Georgia Dealer License could cost substantially more the $250.00 per year. Be sure to include your original dealer surety bond in your dealer application packet so the State of Georgia will grant your dealers license much quicker.

Georgia Dealer Garage Insurance

The State of Georgia requires you obtain dealer insurance before you are granted a Georgia dealers license. You will need to obtain what is known a Georgia Dealer Garage Insurance policy. Garage keepers or automobile liability insurance is not acceptable. You must specifically obtain an insurance policy that contains the words “dealer garage insurance. You must have amount limits of 50 thousand/100 thousand/25 thousand or a single limit of $125,000. The location on the certificate of insurance must have the exact address of your Georgia dealership location. The “Certificate Holder” must be the State Board of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA, 31217. Be sure to include your original certificate of insurance in your Georgia dealer license application packet.

Photograph of Your Business

The State of Georgia requires you to submit a photograph of your business location before you are granted a used motor vehicle dealer license. You must show the building, lot, and sign. You may have to submit more than one photograph to ensure that your photograph requirements are met. If your business is located in a building that houses multiple offices the State of Georgia requires your photograph to show your business name on the marquee of the office complex and a photograph of your suite door with your Georgia dealer license name of the door.

Telephone Requirement

The State of Georgia requires you to have a working telephone in the building that houses your Georgia dealership. According to Georgia statute the working telephone you have must not be a cellular phone or a cordless phone that reaches from another building, which means you must have a land line. The State of Georgia wants to ensure your customers can contact you if they have questions about a vehicle they have purchased from your or if they have questions about a vehicle they are interested in purchasing from you. In order to maintain a Georgia Dealer License you must be accessible to your customers.

Georgia Sales Tax License

You must apply for a Georgia Sales Tax License before obtaining your dealers license. You may apply for a Georgia Sales Tax license by clicking here: https://etax.dor.ga.gov/ctr/tsd_state_tax_registration_application_crf002.pdf or you may call the Georgia Department of Revenue at 404-417-4490. Be sure to include your Georgia Sales tax license application number or your sales tax number in your dealer license application packet.

Submit Secure and Verifiable document

Verification of your identity before you obtain your Georgia dealer license is required. If you are a United States resident 18 years of age or older you must submit a copy of your drivers license, passport, military id, or tribal identification card, nexus card, merchant marine document, or an Employment Authorization Document. If you are not a US citizen but are a legal resident of the United States you must submit a copy of your current immigration documents.

Zoning Certification

You must submit a notarized zoning certification that informs the State of Georgia your Georgia dealership is meeting all local zoning requirements. You may operate your Georgia Dealership from your home if you have met all of your local zoning requirements. Most of Georgia’s urban areas strictly prohibit operating a Georgia dealer lot from your home but most rural areas and some small cities allow this. Be sure to contact your city or county Planning and Zoning office to find out if you can operate a Georgia dealer lot at your location of interest before you being the licensure process. You must have your local Zoning Commissioner sign and notarize a zoning certification and include this in your Georgia dealer license application packet.

Georgia Dealer Educational Seminar

You must attend a Mandatory pre-license dealer educational seminar before the State of Georgia will grant your dealer license. You may find a list of Georgia Dealer License Educational provider below.

E-Learning Concepts, LLC 678-612-6933

Georgia Dealer License Fees

Check with the State to ensure that you are including the correct amount. Your application will be sent back to you if not correct and will delay your application. Contact 478-207-2440

Mail in Georgia Dealer License Application Packet

When mailing your Georgia Dealer License application packet be sure to include your signed, notarized, and fully complete, Georgia Dealer License application, your original certificate of dealer garage insurance, your $35,000 Georgia dealer surety bond, copy of Georgia sales tax number application or sales tax number, proof of fingerprint background check, identity verification, photograph of your business, lot, & sign showing entire business & sign, certification by the local zoning authority, a check or money order for the entire license fee.
Then mail your Georgia Dealer License application packet to:

State Board of Registration of Used Motor Vehicle Dealers
Used Motor Vehicle Division
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 31217

Questions? please contact the Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Division at 478-207-1460.

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